St Mark's Field, Victoria Park
St Mark's Field © Tower Hamlets Council

St Mark's Field - Victoria Park

St Mark’s Field is suitable for medium scale events, particularly with a sports or wellness focus. It is often used to host production villages for running and walking events.

Accessible from Cadogan Gate and St Mark’s Gate, which is also a convenient production entrance. Vehicles and infrastructure have a very short journey from gate to site.

St Mark’s Field is a large, flat, grassy area at the eastern tip of the park. It is perfect for events needing a large, open space without trees or infrastructure. 

  • Large open space in the eastern side of the park
  • Perfect for corporate and commercial sporting events
  • Previous events include production villages for running events
  • Very good vehicle access from St Mark's Gate

Key information

St Mark's Field size: 34,200 sqm

Please note all measurements listed above are approximate. You must use your own measurements for your site plan. Capacities are indicative and depend on the type of event. Event capacity is at the council’s discretion subject to a planning process. Your event capacity must allow for loss of space for infrastructure such as stages and tents.



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